"...Every week I get videos in the mail from filmmakers Iíve never heard of whose work is better than what is playing in the mall. Let me give you some names of the great contemporary American filmmakers: Fran Rizzo, Andrew Bujalski, Jay Rosenblatt, Sam Seder, Su Friedrich, Charles Burnett, Mark Rappaport, Vince Gallo, Tom Noonan, John OíBrien, Chris Brown, Jim McKay, Rob Nilsson, Harmony Korine, Larry Holden, Chris Smith, Gordon Erikson, Paul Harrill, Josh Apter, David Ball, Terry Zwigoff, Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky, Caveh Zahedi, Rick Schmidt, Jim Jarmusch, Eric Mendelsohn, David Barker. Iím sure there are dozens of others Iím forgetting to mention or donít know about. Never heard of most of them? That just proves my point. Itís the hacks whose names are on every tongue, whose faces are everywhere..."

ó Ray Carney
author of Cassavetes on Cassavetes
(quoted from an interview posted at his website: www.cassavetes.com)

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